• Independence Day

    ... for a united India where Indians and Muslims could live in peace ...

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Stamps India

Many are the ways to start a collection. Some start with seals taken from the family correspondence or received an inheritance of a relative philatelist who left a collection. Others start buying the stamps in post agencies or specialized trading houses. When deciding how you will assemble your stamp collection, it takes creativity to think how it will be developed. You can choose the theme you like the most: sports, arts, citizenship, ecology, personalities, transportation, aviation, historical facts, education, among others, illustrate the collection with stamps from India and other countries.

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The very popular sports in our country are badminton, boxing and wrestling, but the sports in which they have more international recognition are the Hockey on grass, the sport shooting and especially the Cricket, which is the most popular sport, India was among the first countries in the world to know football.

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Over the past few years, there have been new trends, explicit in the work of directors who sought a new path between the Parallel Cinema and large-scale industry. A good example is the work of award-winning director Shyam Benegal, represented in the show by Mandi movie, a beautiful inspiring comedy. Parallel Cinema is a relevant style that took its first steps in 1960, marked history by bringing to the screen a look transformer and realistic society as opposed to big industry, especially Bollywood with its melodramatic and musical formulas. We can compare it to Italian neorealism

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